Fraser Falls


Project Description

The Fraser Falls project layout includes an approximately 56 m dam with a spillway control structure, a fish ladder, a water intake, conveyance, a 3-unit powerhouse with 2 additional turbine and generator bays for post 2065 upgrades, trailrace structures and diversions to facilitate de-watering of the dam site during construction.

Trade Offs

Costs are preliminary and are based on Class 5 engineering estimates. They are used here to compare the relative costs of each site.



Construction Overview

3.2 Fraser Falls [STEWA-STEWA-0519-B]
Fraser Falls is a potential hydroelectric project on the Stewart River, located in the Stewart River Basin  approximately 40 km upstream of Mayo. The total drainage area is estimated to be 30,700 km2. The major components of the preliminary project layout are listed in Table 12. The project components are shown in Figure 8 and described in more detail as per sections listed in Table 12.

Table 12: Fraser Falls Major Project Components
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9 – At this stage of study, upstream fish passage is expected to be facilitated via fish ladder. During subsequent phases of development, different alternatives may be considered including, but not limited to, mechanical lifts or trap-load-haul operations. Downstream fish passage is expected to be facilitated through fish friendly turbines (e.g. Kaplan Turbine).
10 – The transmission line is not shown on the drawing but is expected to follow approximately the access road from the switchyard to the interconnection point.

Figure 12: Fraser Falls Layout

Figure 7: Fraser Falls Priority Site and Reservoir Footprint
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