Project Team

Yukon Development Corporation

YDC is a government corporation tasked to ensure there is enough energy to meet Yukon’s future needs for sustainable development that contributes to healthy communities and the creation of jobs and business opportunities. By legislation, YDC is charged with looking at the role of energy to: promote the development of Yukon resources on an economical and efficient basis; promote employment and business opportunities for Yukon residents; assure a continuing and adequate supply of energy in a manner consistent with sustainable development; and carry out development directives issued to it by Yukon government. Yukon Development Corporation has been tasked by Yukon government to lead the Next Generation Hydro project.

Midgard Consulting

The technical team is led by Midgard Consulting, a BC-based consultancy that offers engineering and project consulting services to the North American utility and energy sectors.  Midgard specializes in hydroelectric and transmission projects.  Midgard is teamed with SLR Consulting (through their Vancouver and Whitehorse offices), Kawa Engineering, JD Mollard and Associates (2010) Limited, and Hatfield Consultants.

Tipping Point Strategies

Tipping Point Strategies is a communication and organizational development company with over 30 years experience working in the North. From strategic planning through communications and business planning TPS facilitates change for clients. Their team is leading the communications, engagement and First Nations engagement aspects of the project.